Easy Games with Marshmallows

Create easy party games with common household objects and marshmallows.

If you are clueless where to start when creating a party list game for your next birthday party, start simple. Have you ever considered using marshmallows for party games? Marshmallows are inexpensive and it does not take a lot of creativity to create games to use with these small objects.

Marshmallows are available generally in two different sizes, although this year I have noticed that they are now selling holiday shaped marshmallows. I purchased a pack of these and they were French vanilla flavored and delicious.

To create games with marshmallows, just start looking around your home at common objects you might have. For example, you can create a marshmallow game, using either miniature marshmallows or jumbo size ones, which simply requires a jar. It can be any type of jar and it can be any size. To play this, each guest takes a turn throwing marshmallows toward the jar. Whoever gets the most marshmallows in the jar wins the game. Instead of using a jar, you can literally use any object, such as a bowl, basket or vase.

Another easy game to use with marshmallows requires marshmallows and spoons. Each guest puts a spoon in their mouth the opposite way spoons are normally used. They place a marshmallow on the spoon and must race to get from one point to another. If the marshmallow falls, the person must pick it up and run back to the starting line.

Besides these two games, there are many different games you can come up with by just using a small amount of creativity and some common household items.


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