Game ideas for couples

Play these games with your married friends

Playing couple’s games is one of the greatest experiences. You can play these games at all types of parties, and most of them do not require a lot of supplies or preparation.This game involves married couples and it is best if you have at least seven or more couples. The way it is played is simple and all you will need is a blindfold. Choose one of the women to go first in the game.

Take this woman aside and blindfold her. The men will then stand in a row and this is where the game begins. The blindfolded woman must walk up to the row of men and she must begin feeling their hands, one man at a time. The goal is for her to find the man that is her husband only by feeling his hands. This might sound simple, but it can be very hard. No talking is allowed, and this game is fun to play several times, but have the men mix up in between each round.

Another simple game for an adult party is called “Don’t Say the Word.” This game requires stickers with words on them. Before the party starts, write a word on a sticker. Do this enough times so that each guest has a sticker and each sticker should say the same word.

When the guests arrive, they must each place a sticker on their shirt or collar. If they hear someone say this particular word, they will take that person’s sticker and place it on their shirt. Whoever ends up with the most stickers at the end of the night wins the game. It is always fun to choose a word that somehow relates to the party because people will tend to say this word often.