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It's 2021 and we're still social distancing. By now you might really miss game nights at your house--or you might be loving the silence more than you thought possible. Either way, socializing with our loved ones remains as important as ever, and we've learned to be creative and safe about how we go about it.

If you've been playing trivia games with loved ones via phone or Zoom, have you tried Global Quiz yet? It's a really fun challenge you can take against yourself, others in your area and friends and family. There are so many categories to choose from you're bound to find something that interests you. You can take quizzes and see how you rate against other players from around the world.

What other fun trivia games have you tried lately?

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Culture Tags

Have you played it?

After looking for an interesting new game the other day, I came across Culture Tags. It's a game of acronyms, so if you find yourself using hashtags, abbreviations and other acronyms, you will love this game! Several of my family members use acronyms all the time and as a xennial, I get... some of them. So it looks like a game I'd enjoy, too!

For example, you might need to know what WDFF means. Easy enough for some but not for everyone! Yes, you could always cheat and there are plenty of places to google online but why spoil the fun? I have an aunt who speaks in acronyms all the time--sometimes even making some up!--and it's hilarious.

What other cool games have you seen this week? Share them in the chat.

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The Most Inappropriate Party Games

Which do you love--or hate?

By now many of us are getting tired of playing the same games over zoom and we're brining much more interesting games to the table. In some cases, this means they take a walk down strange street, and stores like Spencer's and Hot Topic are known to carry at least a few of these.

From Drinking Games for People Who Don't Drink to Personally Incorrect, there are lots of games you can pick up to make group game night more fun again, even if it is via Zoom!

What games do you play with your friends lately? 

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Inauguration Games

What are you playing?

With the inauguration on the horizon, I know plenty of people are planning on playing some games to commemorate or celebrate the day. Lots of families are playing Inauguration BINGO, and I'm sure many people will have some drinking games going on, but what other games are there to play?

Spotify has a playlist to play for the day, and people are preparing menus, treats, lesson plans and all kinds of activities, but I'd love to know what fun things you have planned with your family at home or over zoom for the day.

What games will you be playing for Inauguration Day?

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Tetris Effect

A gorgeous new way to play

One of my favorite games to play is Tetris, which isn't great for big parties but nice for small groups who enjoy taking turns. Yes, there are multi-player versions, but for some reason I really prefer using Dr. Mario for that kind of game. The peppy music and Mario tossing pills is just fun for two players.

Tetris is more relaxing, even if you do have people watching and waiting for a turn, and I've always chosen the flute music because of that. Now that I've seen Tetris Effect on Xbox, I don't know if I'll ever love the original the same way. This game is absolutely breathtaking and bound to make you feel less stress while you watch fish, jellyfish and horses go by. Each level just outdoes the previous one in terms of beauty.

Have you played Tetris Effect? What did you think?

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Have you played it?

On New Year's Day, my family usually goes for a hike. This year it was way too cold so we opted to play the game Thinkblot instead. Have you ever played it? It's really fun.

Each page has a big inkblot, much like the kind some psychologists use for evaluations. You have to identify as many things as you can to get points and argue where you see them. If you can't, you don't get the points. There are bonus challenges, too. It's a quick, ready to play game that we highly recommend.

Did you play anything over the weekend? What games are you playing right now?

2021 Games

What's on your radar?

One of the most exciting things about a New Year is the up and coming things to be released that we get excited about, from books to movies to yes, board games! Like any year, 2021 has some much-anticipated games coming soon, from Quest to Frosthaven to Lizard Wizard, and I'd love to try many of these out.

Then there will surely be plenty of games that will be released via platforms like Kickstarter, which are also always fun to anticipate. I've bought a few of these that ended up being duds, but it was nice to support a new business at the same time. I've bought a few that were fantastic as well. 

What games are you excited about for 2021? Share them in the chat!

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Beloved Christmas Family Games

Share the ones you play every year!

My family and I like to sing karaoke at Christmas, so while we'll be doing that at home, we will be deeply missing our annual karaoke fun together all in one house. That said, we have some other fun games to play via zoom.

We're going to try Roll a Reindeer, where you roll dice to build a reindeer from various cut-out parts. You can do this with anything--a snowman, Santa, Buddy the Elf, whatever. We're also going to try some virtual Christmas BINGO. 

What games do you have planned for this year? Which ones do you play every year?

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New Games For The Holidays

What are you going to play?

Even if a pandemic wasn't going on right now, it's definitely the time of year to check out more games! From colder indoor weather to more time at home in general, it's the season for games, for sure. The hardest part is narrowing the games you want to play down to a manageable list, given how many cool new games exist.

This list of 11 games looks promising, and I love how they rated each game. The Horror game and Pando look really cool, and I am pretty sure everyone in my house would love the MTV game! A couple of these games are too young for my house but I could see myself giving them as gifts.

Are any of these games on your to-try list? What other games are you going to play this winter?

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Quarantine Puzzle Night

Another fun virtual tradition to try

Even during quarantine, it's sometimes a challenge to get everyone together for a virtual game night in my family. Some of us have evening meetings and classes, most still have to work outside the home and some of us are even doing projects at home when it's warm enough. So a lengthy game night doesn't always work out.

But what about a puzzle night? It's a nice activity to do when you all have puzzles already in progress and just want something to occupy your hands while you chat. And if you can't find a puzzle you love, check out this cool Magic Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle with unique pieces. It looks like a lot of fun!

What other ways have you been connecting virtually lately?

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