Tarot Games

Which ones do you enjoy?

The witchy 14-year-old me would have stared open-mouthed at how much witchiness and paganism has been embraced by the modern world. There's witchy stuff everywhere these days, including lots of tarot-themed games. My teen loves to play the Arcana game, and I ran across one cool tarot Kickstarter today that led me down a rabbit hole of other tarot Kickstarters!

Then there are general card board games like Fates & Fortune, which has a print and play option. The Tarot Game is a bit older but still looks like fun, and maybe something that can be played at a party. Fortune telling has always been a fun part of parties for me, depending on the company.

What's your favorite tarot game? Do you have a favorite deck?

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TikTok Party Board Game

This looks like a fun way to spend the evening!

A lot of people think that TikTok is just a place to do dance challenges. If that were the case, I probably wouldn't love it; I'm there for the teen witch inside me, the "mature and thoughtful" kid in me who grew up too fast, the me with niche interests and other... reasons. There's a lot more than you think, and there's SO much positivity due to all of the Millennials and Zoomers. But if you DO enjoy the dancing challenges, you might like this party game.

It's a cute handmade game an Etsy seller, MadeByMedlen, made, and an instant download so you could print it and play it immediately. You use the board game to do different dance movies. It looks so retro and fun that I'm thinking about getting it myself!

What games do you recommend this week? Share them in the chat.

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What's the First Game You Will Play in Person?

Do you have a "once it's safe again" bucket list?

By now, a lot of us are making bucket lists of things we want to do once it's once again safe to do so. Many of us know exactly who we want to hug or where we want to eat. Some of us just want to do anything maskless at this point!

For those of us who love to have game nights, it's all about the who and what game. I know I want to play Singstar with my sisters and my mom, for example. It's one of our favorites and it's been SO long. I know my middle sister will want to play something more specific and maybe new to her while my youngest won't even care as long as we are together!

What game are you looking forward to playing with people soon? Share it in the chat.

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Scrambling for a Zoom Game

What works in a pinch?

Last weekend we found ourselves in a very awkward position. Firstly, I had been up all night working and overslept, making my teen late to host the monthly zoom game with friends. Then none of our computers would work, followed by zoom itself not working! Once we finally got in 10 minutes late, the online game my kiddo had chosen wasn't working, either! Insert scream.

We actually had a couple of kids leave. It was that bad. Then every game suggested didn't work. To be clear, the kids are all supposed to bring a game idea to play but they rarely do, and my kiddo hadn't planned a backup. Everything I suggested was also killed. They didn't get to playing until half an hour in!

By then I had them playing Would You Rather, but they just weren't into it. It was a disastrous game night (although not our worst) and made me remember how much backups matter.

So what are your favorite backup games for zoom calls? Share the best you've played in the chat.

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Celebrating Mar10

Share your favorite Mario games!

A friend who is moving just gave us her Nintendo Wii U, and we're excited to check out the many games with it when we get a chance. Since today is Mari10, I'm super tempted to try some out tonight, but there are also these cool Mario games to try if you don't currently have any at home and want to increse your collection.

Personally I'm a big fan of the classics. I love Mario 3 best, but I also love the very first version of the game. The second one isn't my favorite but I'll play if people in my house are playing! I have to admit the newer the game, the less familiar with it I am, but I do plan on remedying that soon. 

What is your favorite Mario game? How do you celebrate Mar10?


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Underrated Party Games

What games do you think deserve a little more love?

The number of available games, from video games to board games and even RPGs, grows every single week. It's difficult to stay on top of all of the new games to try as so many are released one after another. People are even using Kickstarter to build games from home to help explode this market.

With so many games to choose from, it's no wonder many of the older ones get pushed back and ignored. Honestly some of them have become stale. Apples to Apples is great to use with people you don't know well, but once you've played any variation of Cards Against Humanity (and the many games with a similar premise), it's just not as much fun with well-known company anymore. That said, there are plenty of underrated older games that are still really fun to play at parties.

My favorites have always been Scattergories and Taboo, but I have to say I have an unfair advantage with my middle sister. If you have lots of inside jokes with a person, you can easily get them to say a word while making everyone else scratch their heads!

What older, underrated games do you love?

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Drawing Challenges with Friends

Drawing Generators Make Great Games for Zoom Parties

One of my teenager's favorite games to play with friends over video chat lately is a drawing generator game. Sometimes the kids all randomly suggest them but lately they all like this one going around. I have to admit it's really creative, and it's great for teens who love their fandoms.

You just click to generate two separate prompts and combine them. Maybe you'll get a pokemon and the queen of England, or a type of food with a superhero. Then you have to interpret them however you wish!

What drawing games do you enjoy playing with friends via video chat? Share them here.

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Zoom Games to Play at Parties

What do you like to play?

We're coming up upon one of our big birthday seasons in our family. We have a big chunk of our family born in the spring, and then another in the fall. We'd love to come up with some creative ways to celebrate via Zoom.

Fortunately after almost a year of distancing, many parents have come up with lots of creative games to play from video sharing. (I always say Zoom because it's what people are most familiar with, but I honestly mostly use Google Meet.) I still remember the first birthday we celebrated during the pandemic. That young man had many friends and family on the call, as well as pets!

What kinds of birthday games do you like to play via video conference? Share them in the chat.

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Global Quiz

Have you tried this one yet?

It's 2021 and we're still social distancing. By now you might really miss game nights at your house--or you might be loving the silence more than you thought possible. Either way, socializing with our loved ones remains as important as ever, and we've learned to be creative and safe about how we go about it.

If you've been playing trivia games with loved ones via phone or Zoom, have you tried Global Quiz yet? It's a really fun challenge you can take against yourself, others in your area and friends and family. There are so many categories to choose from you're bound to find something that interests you. You can take quizzes and see how you rate against other players from around the world.

What other fun trivia games have you tried lately?

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Culture Tags

Have you played it?

After looking for an interesting new game the other day, I came across Culture Tags. It's a game of acronyms, so if you find yourself using hashtags, abbreviations and other acronyms, you will love this game! Several of my family members use acronyms all the time and as a xennial, I get... some of them. So it looks like a game I'd enjoy, too!

For example, you might need to know what WDFF means. Easy enough for some but not for everyone! Yes, you could always cheat and there are plenty of places to google online but why spoil the fun? I have an aunt who speaks in acronyms all the time--sometimes even making some up!--and it's hilarious.

What other cool games have you seen this week? Share them in the chat.

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