Games Without Equipment

Which are your favorites?

There are dozens of classic games that you can play with zero equipment. They're not only great for kids but they also work for adults when you turn them into drinking games (or not, depending on your crowd) and even teens on occasion! Some of these might give off Squid Game vibes but all of them are simple enough to play at most locations with little to no prep work.

Games like Mother, May I? and Red Light, Green Light are games that can be played from a distance, making them perfect for activities outside any time of year. Charades and various forms of tag also fit the bill, although it can be difficult to distance while playing tag. Flashlight tag is a great alternative if you're worried about touching one another.

What games do you like to play that don't require any prep work or equipment? Share them in the chat. 

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Xbox Gold Free Games This Month

What are you looking forward to playing?

It's always hard to see favorite games go on a game subscription, but it's also exciting to play new ones that the subscription has during a new month. This month, Xbox with Gold has a few free games listed that might pique your interest. These include Moving Out, Kingdom Two Crowns, Rocket Knight and Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes, which won't release until mid-month.

None of these games have been especially eagerly-awaited but they're all solid games to play this month with friends. There's a little bit of something for everyone, between graphics and fandoms, and if you wanted to include the games in a game night or party setting you totally could. That said, some fans are waiting for more interesting releases at the end of the year and early 2022.

Which games would you play with friends? Do you plan on trying any of these out this month? Share your thoughts in the chat. 

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Easy In-the-Moment Games

What can you put together at the last minute?

Sometimes the best games are the ones you don't expect. Case in point? You're hanging out with friends after dinner or another casual event and someone gets their phone out to try a "first five notes" game where you identify songs based on their first five notes. Or you have paper and pen and someone suggests some "win, lose or draw." These unplanned game nights are often the most fun and you don't even have to prep them in advance!

Games that don't require any prep are numerous but we often forget about them in the race to try every new game in some sort of modern gaming FOMO. While it's true that there are more games to play now than ever, it's also true that simple is sometimes, even often, best. Classics like "two truths and a lie" and charades will always be... well, the classics, for a reason.

What are your favorite games to play without any prep work at all? Which have you had the most fun with? Share them in the chat.

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Great Games for Halloween

What are your favorites to play?

When you say Halloween party games, the classics come to mind for me--bobbing for apples (or eating apple cider donuts off a piece of string), dropping clothespins into a jar while standing over it, wrapping up friends like mummies with bandages and seeing who can do it the fastest. Those are some of my favorite memories as a kid. 

Today there is an endless supply of games, so the question isn't if you can find something to play but which one will be a hit with your group. Etsy has been a great source of games lately, and today I found a few cool Halloween games there like Family Feud, Halloween Trivia and other fun-looking games.

Then there are these adult versions of kids' games, from Tic Tac Toe to Name That Song, that could be a hit at any Halloween gathering. My family and I played some games like these last weekend and they were a big hit with the grown-ups and teens, too!

What is your favorite Halloween game to play? What do you hope to play this year? Share your Halloween games in the chat.

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Remember the Classics

What are your favorite classic games to play with friends?

There are new games coming out every single month, which can be very overwhelming. There's absolutely no way to play them all, which creates this kind of gaming FOMO for people. Don't buy into it! Whether it's board games or video games, sometimes the best fun to be had is in the classics, especially if you're bonding with someone who wants to learn and you have the skills to teach--or vice versa.

My teen and I have the best time, for example, when we are playing just for kicks and teaching each other our games--whether it's my teen's Human Fall Flat or Hello Neighbor, or my Mario 3 on the old Nintendo. The best party games seem to be the ones without the win-lose element but with lots of room for commentary, laughs and exploration.

The same goes for board games. Clue, Boggle, Scattergories... they may not be as hilarious as some newer games but they are classics for a reason. They're still different every time we play and they are still incredibly fun. 

What are your favorite classics to play? Which ones are best for a game night with friends? Share them in the chat. 

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Best New Game Releases in October

What are you playing?

There are almost too many games released each month to get excited and learn to play them all. It's really the same with TV shows, especially if your leisure time is limited or you're using multiple platforms. Some of us really just wait for friends to share their favorites before trying anything new.

But many of us await highly-awaited sequels or games with great ratings and rumors. This month, Playstation Now has Desperados III, The Last of Us Part II and Fallout 76 all in store. I can't help but think that Free Guy was right on the money. Some sequels are definitely worth it but some are certainly just cash cows. 

The PC games being released this month have me a bit more excited. From Book of Travels to Guardians of the Galaxy to a new 13th Doctor game, this list really speaks to my inner geek.

What games are you looking forward to this month? Share them in the chat.

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700,000 Players And Counting

Amazon's New World proves to be popular

For those who use Steam, you already know how many games there are to choose from at any given moment. It's tough to even choose a game to play even when there isn't anything new launching so you often depend on the opinions of friends and other players to find the best games. Not so with Amazon's New World: it launched on Tuesday and immediately became one of Steam's biggest new release games with over 700,000 players logging in to play it.

It's a multiplayer RPG game, but with so many logged on at once to play it there were plenty of disappointed players who weren't able to queue up to play, too. Many waited hours to play the game and some said it was way too slow or laggy. We'd love to know if it's a good game to play with friends from afar.

Did you get a chance to try out New World? Tell us how it was in the chat.

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Out-of-Print Board Games

What do you miss?

Hearing that many board games are now out of print made my heart sink a little today. I don't know why it never even occurred to me that board games might go out of print just like old books do, but why wouldn't they? We have so many new games that some of the old games will just have to make way for the new ones. That doesn't take the sting away, but it does explain why so many favorites get updates to remain relevant and appealing to new generations.

This list of out-of-print games might be familiar to you, but none of them are games that I'm super familiar with. Even so, these are games that many people once loved to play, so it's still sad to see some of them go. There are also lots of games that deserve to be out of print, though, when you think about it. How many games have been incredibly offensive to marginalized people over the years? Those kinds of games can definitely sit on a shelf.

What out of print games do you wish were still available? Do you own any that are considered rare or valuable? Share them in the chat.

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Great Murder Mystery Games

Share the ones you like in the chat!

Now that fall is upon us, it's the perfect time to try out some fun murder mystery games with friends to find out Whodunnit! Aside from Clue, I've never played another murder mystery game, so I'm excited to see what all of the other party gamers like to play during game night.

It's exciting to see that there are so many murder mystery games available for free download, too. I love these themes! Some of them have fun downloadable props included that you can print and use during game play, which I also love. As cheesy as it sounds, those props often make a game so much more fun. The mafia game looks really fun.

What murder mystery games do you like? Which have you enjoyed? Tell us your favorites in the chat.

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WarioWare: Get It Together! to Release Soon

Reviews look mixed so far

WarioWare: Get It Together! releases in just a couple of days and reviews look pretty mixed. The game is a minigame party video game that follows nine other installations in the series. It has many more characters than Mario lovers may know if they're new to the series, and many gamers who've played sneak peeks of the game say it's a little too complicated for its own good.

On the other hand, some fans are saying that the Switch game is delivering on its promise, and it's the game we all need right now. They say it's a really fun game to play together once you get the hang of it, and that its roots in make believe make you feel like a kid again while you play it.

What do you think of the early reviews? Will you be playing WarioWare: Get It Together? Share your opinions in the chat.

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