Have You Played Blurt?

How did you like the game?

After hearing that Blurt! was a really fun family game, I decided to order us a copy, but I'm feeling a little wary as I await its arrival. It looks like it's ages 7 and up, which could mean nothing, but I really want my teen to enjoy playing it with us. It can be challenging to find a game we all like to play these days.

The game is supposed to be educational, helping build vocabulary, as well as a good one to practice self-regulation skills, social-emotional skills and other lessons, all just while playing the game. That's why I'm wondering if it will still be fun for us, which I'm sure it still could be!

I'd love to hear your thoughts about Blurt! Is it a fun game for teens and adults, too? How did you like playing it with your family? Let me know in the chat.

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Back to Game Night?

What will you be doing once you're vaccinated?

Now that many of us (though not yet enough of us!) are vaccinated, who is planning on returning to the standard game night? My family and I definitely miss ours, but one close family member who is refusing to get vaccinated is giving me pause. It's not enough on its own; it's also that this person is so risky to be around, having over a dozen Covid-19 tests less than a year. You can see why we might be hesitant, and why it's causing conflict between us.

Many people have found solace in playing virtual games with friends across the country and I wish we could say the same. While we've played with a few friends over quarantine, we never did make it a regular thing. One of my sisters found a group of friends to play video games with across the country, which is really cool, and I hope people who plan on staying home longer have something like that at home.

As for me... I'm conflicted. I'm okay with outdoor, distanced games, and indoor ones with others who've been vaccinated or are careful, but I know I'm going to disappoint people with my decisions. How about you? What are your party game plans for the rest of the year?

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5 Second Rule Is A Hit

Just make sure you write your questions correctly!

Last week we held a teen game night over zoom for my teenager and some friends, and I made a set of 5 Second Rule cards to play when I realized the version we owned was for adults only. I gave the prompts to the kids and we all had a wonderful time and laughed a lot. There are just a few tips I'd suggest...

Avoid making tough questions. You want them to be a little challenging but not excruciatingly hard. The kids had a hard time naming more fact-based questions I threw in.

Avoid too-easy questions. This is just as important. I included the card, "Name three seasons." Hello! If you get that wrong, how many will the next person have? Sure, if you're playing with adults you might get people saying seasons of life, of love, or even seasonings, which would be fun, but don't do this to teens.

Have you played 5 Second Rule? What tips do you have for playing?

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Favorite Zoom Games For Teens And Adults

What have you had the most fun playing?

For the past year, we've had a lot of events online via Zoom and Google Meet, and they've been a big mixed bag. Sometimes the mood is just right for a fun night of games while other times... it's more complicated. We've had nights where teens argued about what to play for half an hour! Yikes. That's why it's sometimes best to choose the game(s) beforehand.

This list of zoom games is really helpful if you don't have any ideas at all, or if you're zoomed out and just need something to lean on that's less creative than what you've already been doing. Some of them are just modifed versions of games my teen likes to play in live settings, while others are made up just for having games on zoom. I think the most fun my teen has had so far was playing Scattergories, while I've had a lot of fun playing Minute to Win It challenges.

What games have worked best for you and yours? Share them in the chat.

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Free Comic Book Day Approaches!

Will you be attending?

Last year we missed out on one of our favorite family holidays, Free Comic Book Day, due to the pandemic. This year as I try to navigate what it might look like to attend, and whether or not our local stores are even participating, I'm left wondering if we even want to go.

We love to go, don't get me wrong! We meet artists, buy old comics and games, line up for the new freebies and have so much fun. There are cosplayers and sometimes even free donuts or other goodies. My kiddo usually gets new dice; if you do go, make sure to support your shop with a purchase if you can! That said, I just can't stand tight areas anymore and cannot imagine standing in line. Maybe they'll have new procedures but we are one of the areas that "opened up" so I have no idea what to expect.

What about you? Are you attending Free Comic Book Day this year? What is it going to look like where you live? Share your plans and tips in the chat.

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Outside Party Games

What's your favorite one to play?

As more people get vaccinated and gather in small groups outside, outdoor party games are suddenly more important than ever. At my family reunions over the years, I've learned to play a lot of these and know they can be a lot of fun.

A game of washers will always be in play at one of my family reunions. I probably played it for the first time when I wasn't much older than a toddler. Horseshoes is also popular if we are at someone's house with a set, but we usually don't play it at a park to avoid digging holes. We've also played games like badminton, volleyball and soccer, but I've never heard of some of these outdoor games.

What outdoor party games do you enjoy? Share them in the chat.

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Socially Twisted

Have you tried this party game?

The latest adult party game that's all the rage is called Socially Twisted, a card game for “bad people with good humor.” The game consists of word and story cards to help players create hilarious stories with other players. Like many modern card games, voting on the best result is also a part of play to see who wins.

Like many games during the pandemic, Socially Twisted is also available to play via app and the makers have generously made it available for free so you can play with friends and family from a distance. The game is for players age 17 and older, and three to eight people can play at a time.

Have you played Socially Twisted? What did you think of the game?

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Tarot Games

Which ones do you enjoy?

The witchy 14-year-old me would have stared open-mouthed at how much witchiness and paganism has been embraced by the modern world. There's witchy stuff everywhere these days, including lots of tarot-themed games. My teen loves to play the Arcana game, and I ran across one cool tarot Kickstarter today that led me down a rabbit hole of other tarot Kickstarters!

Then there are general card board games like Fates & Fortune, which has a print and play option. The Tarot Game is a bit older but still looks like fun, and maybe something that can be played at a party. Fortune telling has always been a fun part of parties for me, depending on the company.

What's your favorite tarot game? Do you have a favorite deck?

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TikTok Party Board Game

This looks like a fun way to spend the evening!

A lot of people think that TikTok is just a place to do dance challenges. If that were the case, I probably wouldn't love it; I'm there for the teen witch inside me, the "mature and thoughtful" kid in me who grew up too fast, the me with niche interests and other... reasons. There's a lot more than you think, and there's SO much positivity due to all of the Millennials and Zoomers. But if you DO enjoy the dancing challenges, you might like this party game.

It's a cute handmade game an Etsy seller, MadeByMedlen, made, and an instant download so you could print it and play it immediately. You use the board game to do different dance movies. It looks so retro and fun that I'm thinking about getting it myself!

What games do you recommend this week? Share them in the chat.

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What's the First Game You Will Play in Person?

Do you have a "once it's safe again" bucket list?

By now, a lot of us are making bucket lists of things we want to do once it's once again safe to do so. Many of us know exactly who we want to hug or where we want to eat. Some of us just want to do anything maskless at this point!

For those of us who love to have game nights, it's all about the who and what game. I know I want to play Singstar with my sisters and my mom, for example. It's one of our favorites and it's been SO long. I know my middle sister will want to play something more specific and maybe new to her while my youngest won't even care as long as we are together!

What game are you looking forward to playing with people soon? Share it in the chat.

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