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Many people have found ways to connect online despite distance and quarantine, and as numbers where I live are tripling, it might be a good idea to start engaging in games online with friends once more. It's really a great skill to build since you can engage with friends who travel or live far away, too.

This list of web-browser party games features some of my favorites, like Codenames and Spyfall, and one of my teen's favorite games, Werewolf, looks accessible as well. I LOVE games where you can just open them up and play them, and in this case you don't even have to do the first step! It certainly helps to know how to play, of course. I really like using YouTube tutorials for that purpose since I'm more of a visual learner.

What web-based games do you like to play with friends remotely? Share them in the chat!

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Cooking Games

Any suggestions?

Why aren't there many--if any--cooking games to play at parties? Do you know how fun it would be to play Chopped, Cutthroat Kitchen or some other fun cooking game with friends? There needs to be more cooking games to play where we can play with food and feed each other!

In 4-H we learn through exploration and experimentation--projects and friendship. One year we baked cookies and each team had to leave an ingredient out to see what happened. It was such a fun learning experience. Another year we baked hundreds of rolls of completely homemade bread for a food pantry. We are missing on a golden opportunity here.

Do you know of any games where you can make actual food with friends? Share them in the chat!

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Games For Millennials

Which ones do you play?

When it comes to games, we Millennials are likely to be known for our Oregon Trail days more than anything else. But there are plenty of modern games that really highlight who we are, some of them more hilarious than others. Avocado Smash comes to mind!

This list of games for Millennials really hits the mark! I feel both seen and called out by these games. There's a game called Fun Employed with ridiculous qualifications for jobs that I HAVE to play, and I already know I love What Do You Meme. I'm pretty sure we're all going to get memes engraved on our tombstones.

What do you think a great game for Millennials might be? Share it in the chat.

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New Switch Games

Which ones are you excited about?

Nintendo just released news about their latest Switch games and there were so many that it's hard to not have one to be excited about. Mario Party Superstars, which will be a throwback to the Nintendo 64 days, looks like the most exciting one to me, but honestly there are a bunch of them that I'd try.

There are new games in the Zelda and Super Smash Bros realms coming, as three games in the Life is Strange series. There's even a new Guardians of the Galaxy game, which is pretty exciting. To see the full list of announcements and games, click here.

What do you think of the announcement? Is there a game you're most excited about, or one you'll be playing with friends the most? Which one? Share your thoughts in the chat.

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Party Soundtracks

What do you like to play?

When it comes to game night, we all have different opinions about what the best music to play might be to keep the mood upbeat. Plenty of people like current pop music for the background. My mom, who likes many types of music, will try to sneak it over to country every now and then. Personally I think oldies give a great party vibe although a fun game night can be had with some ska music, especially if you're playing something fast!

Then there are nights when the music IS the game, like when we play different karaoke or dance-off games, or even when we play old ones where you identify the song by the lyrics, like Songburst. We end up singing for hours when we play those! And if it's a campaign or a strategy game, of course we'll use the LOTR soundtrack. We're not Orcs, after all. At least most of us aren't.

What kinds of soundtracks do you use for game nights?

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New Party Games Post-Covid

What are you playing in person?

My family is still being careful, especially while my teen waits for a second shot, but I know plenty of families are enjoying in-person time together now, which includes plenty of game time! What I want to know is... what are you playing?

It doesn't have to be a brand new game. It could just be new to you. I have my eye on The Voting Game for our next in person game night, whenever that may be, but I've seen lots of other great party games for adults available, too. Quick Wits and Telestrations look really fun, and my family and I already love Exploding Kittens and What Do You Meme.

What party games are you enjoying right now? Share the most fun ones in the chat.

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Have You Played Blurt?

How did you like the game?

After hearing that Blurt! was a really fun family game, I decided to order us a copy, but I'm feeling a little wary as I await its arrival. It looks like it's ages 7 and up, which could mean nothing, but I really want my teen to enjoy playing it with us. It can be challenging to find a game we all like to play these days.

The game is supposed to be educational, helping build vocabulary, as well as a good one to practice self-regulation skills, social-emotional skills and other lessons, all just while playing the game. That's why I'm wondering if it will still be fun for us, which I'm sure it still could be!

I'd love to hear your thoughts about Blurt! Is it a fun game for teens and adults, too? How did you like playing it with your family? Let me know in the chat.

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Back to Game Night?

What will you be doing once you're vaccinated?

Now that many of us (though not yet enough of us!) are vaccinated, who is planning on returning to the standard game night? My family and I definitely miss ours, but one close family member who is refusing to get vaccinated is giving me pause. It's not enough on its own; it's also that this person is so risky to be around, having over a dozen Covid-19 tests less than a year. You can see why we might be hesitant, and why it's causing conflict between us.

Many people have found solace in playing virtual games with friends across the country and I wish we could say the same. While we've played with a few friends over quarantine, we never did make it a regular thing. One of my sisters found a group of friends to play video games with across the country, which is really cool, and I hope people who plan on staying home longer have something like that at home.

As for me... I'm conflicted. I'm okay with outdoor, distanced games, and indoor ones with others who've been vaccinated or are careful, but I know I'm going to disappoint people with my decisions. How about you? What are your party game plans for the rest of the year?

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5 Second Rule Is A Hit

Just make sure you write your questions correctly!

Last week we held a teen game night over zoom for my teenager and some friends, and I made a set of 5 Second Rule cards to play when I realized the version we owned was for adults only. I gave the prompts to the kids and we all had a wonderful time and laughed a lot. There are just a few tips I'd suggest...

Avoid making tough questions. You want them to be a little challenging but not excruciatingly hard. The kids had a hard time naming more fact-based questions I threw in.

Avoid too-easy questions. This is just as important. I included the card, "Name three seasons." Hello! If you get that wrong, how many will the next person have? Sure, if you're playing with adults you might get people saying seasons of life, of love, or even seasonings, which would be fun, but don't do this to teens.

Have you played 5 Second Rule? What tips do you have for playing?

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Favorite Zoom Games For Teens And Adults

What have you had the most fun playing?

For the past year, we've had a lot of events online via Zoom and Google Meet, and they've been a big mixed bag. Sometimes the mood is just right for a fun night of games while other times... it's more complicated. We've had nights where teens argued about what to play for half an hour! Yikes. That's why it's sometimes best to choose the game(s) beforehand.

This list of zoom games is really helpful if you don't have any ideas at all, or if you're zoomed out and just need something to lean on that's less creative than what you've already been doing. Some of them are just modifed versions of games my teen likes to play in live settings, while others are made up just for having games on zoom. I think the most fun my teen has had so far was playing Scattergories, while I've had a lot of fun playing Minute to Win It challenges.

What games have worked best for you and yours? Share them in the chat.

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