Body Hide Party Game

Hosting a night of improv games is a great way to have a hilarious game night with family and friends. One really fun game to do with improv is the Body Hiding game. All you need are ten people. Four of them hide another with their body parts, scrambling to keep the person covered while the other people try to find the "hidden" person. Once the person is found, the rest of the people switch roles to do it again.

Adult Mad Libs

If you love mad libs and raunchy humor, you will love the game Adult Mad Libs. It has gems like, "When I asked you to (verb) my (noun), I didn't think you'd really (same verb) my (same noun)." The catch is that you have to use the verb and noun cards that you get out of the deck to complete the sentences! With 42 sentence cards and 200 word cards, you'll have plenty of game time with this box.

Awkward Turtle

Do you hate saying the word "moist"? Awkward Turtle is the game that will get you saying all of the awkward words that you hate saying! It's an easy to play game; all you have to do is give your team clues so they can guess your word. It's a very simple premise. Words that are awkward don't just sound but also look awkward. There are over 350 words in all, giving you lots of awkward words to work with!

Leave your pride at the door

Dignity? You don't need dignity at a game night. Who brings that? You need some giggles, and with that comes a mess.

One game you can play is a water relay where you put a bucket of water out and have two teams fill water bottles with the water as quickly as possible. The catch? They can only use their hands AND they must pass the water into the next player's hands to get to the bottle! It's very messy and fun.


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