Trick or Treating Games

Whether you're answering the door and giving out candy or out taking trick-or-treaters around, sometimes it can get a little dull, especially if you're waiting for a long time. There are plenty of games you can play on Halloween to help pass the time. Here are a few ideas.

Judge the Costume. My husband and I love to pick our favorite costumes of the event as well as the month since we usually go to so many Halloween festivities. My favorite of all time was Little Dead Riding Hood. The costume must be in person (not on TV or a magazine) to qualify.

The un-Christian Christmas

The Christmas party?

I received my first Christmas party invitation today. I was surprised—to say the least—but I suppose I really shouldn’t be. After all, Christmas sales are being advertised that exhort customers to choose gifts now and place them on lay-a-way to be paid off for Christmas. Now to be sure, my party invitation did not indicate that this was a Christmas party. Rather, the title of the invitation was “Holiday Party.”


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