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Strip Apples to Apples TRULY "The Game of Hilarious Comparisons!"

So you're bored and having a few cocktails with friends... needing something to occupy time and keep you all away from the expensive bars (for a variety of reasons, *cough* bad economy / you're unemployed). "Maybe we should play cards?' "Maybe a long, boring game of Monopoly (that I am so sick of winning)"? "What should we do"? ..."What's that childish looking game about apples all about"? It's Apples to Apples - the funnest party game ever invented! I know what you're thinking "This game doesn't look like fun at all, it looks like it's for kids". That's just silly! With or without a few beers/ spritzers/ shots this game is hilarious - and a great way to get to know each other! And all you need is the basic Apples to Apples Board Game and clothing to play. You may not even need the clothing. Nude Apples to Apples without stripping is probably just as fun. Lets start with the basics: The Apples to Apples "Partybox" edition of the game consists of two decks of cards:

  • A red apple card deck – Each card is printed with a noun or noun phrase such as the name of a person, place, thing or event.
  • A green apple card deck – Each card is printed with an adjective which is the characteristic of a person, place, thing or event.

The game is played by the judge selecting one card from the green deck and dealing seven cards from the red deck to the players. The object of the game is for the players to select the best card from their hand to match the word on the card selected by the judge. This is obviously the very basics - the full game rules are available in the box. The object of the game is essentially to get a feel for the dealer - no pun intended, and get as many green cards as you can to win! Depending on how close you and your friends (or family?) are, with STRIP APPLES TO APPLES you have another variation on which to "win" or "lose". Still wondering what it is? It's your clothing! When I play strip Apples to Apples these are the general rules which apply: The person who wins the green card is "safe" (and the judge/ dealer of the round), meaning you do not need to take an article of clothing off. All other players get to choose an article they would like to relieve themselves of. The basic rules still apply in terms of winning - you need the most green cards which varies from 4-8 depending on the amount of players. I hope this fun twist on an old game brings you and your friends (or family - no judgement) a night of fun, laughter, and true togetherness.