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Set up a Scavenger Hunt

Create a fun scavenger hunt for any type of party you are planning.

Scavenger hunts are, in my opinion, one of the best party games that I have ever played. The nice part about a scavenger hunt is that it is the perfect game for any occasion, and for people of any ages. Kids, and adults, both really enjoy hunting for items.

A few weeks ago, some young girls (in their 20s) came to my door asking for a lubricant type of jelly. I was a little confused because I did not know these girls, and couldn’t understand why they were asking for this. It turns out that they were on a scavenger hunt for a bachelorette party. “Now it makes sense,” I thought to myself!

With a scavenger hunt, you can create a customized game for your party. It can be for a child’s birthday party, such as a pirate scavenger hunt for boys, or a beauty scavenger hunt for girls. For holidays, you can create a holiday scavenger hunt, such as finding items relating to Halloween, or Christmas. Bachelor or bachelorette parties, as you see, can also have a lot of fun with scavenger hunts.

When you decide to make a scavenger hunt, be sure to make your list of items first. In some cases, the host of the hunt will scatter the items around the area where the guests will look for them. In other cases, the guests are sent out to find the items. Many times, the guests have an entire town to look through to find the right items. Be sure to only include items that correlate well with the theme, for example, lubricant for a bachelorette party. Makes sense, right? Have fun scavenging.