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Petting Party

Communication Through Cuddling

A petting party involves light petting and cuddling. It is not intended as a sexual experience. Instead, it is an opportunity for like-minded people to meet, socialize and move one step forward in getting to know each other by experimenting with light touch.Guest Selection

Organizing a petting party is all about selecting the guests who will participate. Begin by choosing a male and female with whom you would like to deepen your friendship. Bear in mind as you make your selection that the petting party is not about sex but about developing friendships first. Petting and cuddling is an effective way to break the ice and communicate with less inhibition. Ask the two people you have chosen to each pick one person they believe would contribute positively to the experience. Expand the group to a total of approximately 10 guests – composed equally of men and women – by having each new member choose one more person.


Decide on a venue that is quiet, comfortable and roomy. Make certain low light and soft music is available. Alert relatives and friends to not call or drop by. Remove any distractions such as pets. Insulate the petting party venue as much as possible from outside influences.


Refreshments are an important part of the petting party. They set the mood and satisfy the soul, especially if they include chocolates and wine. Set bowls and plates of different types of rich light and dark chocolates about the room. Chocolate coated strawberries and fresh cherries are excellent with wine. The taste of chocolate – in some research – has been shown to stimulate the heart and emotions to the same extent as a kiss.

Ground Rules

Begin the petting party by explaining that it is intended to go beyond computer or speed dating where people do not have the opportunity to really get to know each other. After refreshments and light socializing the host assigns couples to begin the party. People may sit where they wish, begin to talk and pet or cuddle as much or as little as they desire. After a set period of time – generally 20 to 30 minutes – the couples rotate partners and continue this process until everyone has partnered with each other. If one partner of any couple wants to stop during the petting time, they simply get up and return to the refreshments until the next cycle begins. The people who wish to see each other again exchange information or make plans.