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Outdoor Housewarming Party

Unorthodox Housewarming Party

Throw a very unusual housewarming party that will have your guests talking for a long time afterward. The inside of the home is still the centerpiece of the party but all of the interaction takes place outdoors. Set up the patio and backyard much as you would a party.

House Preparation

  1. Clean the house and arrange it to look as attractive as possible.
  2. Put jewelry and small valuables away and out of sight.
  3. Lock off areas that you do not want guests to enter.

Yard Preparation

  1. Clear the patio and yard of debris or clutter.
  2. Spade up the flower beds and the ground around shrubs.
  3. Mow the yard and water it the morning of the party.
  4. Lay down a large place mat that is effective in removing dirt and debris from the bottoms of shoes.

Seating and Refreshments

  1. Place matching lawn chairs and swings that are comfortable and in good condition – even if you have to borrow or rent them – about the area. Have as many outdoor umbrellas set up as possible.
  2. Scatter snack bowls and plates of mints, nuts and chips on tables around backyard.
  3. Offer your guests more substantial refreshments such as grilled burgers and hot dogs with a selection of salads and desserts for them to choose from. Hire or ask a friend to volunteer as the chef throughout the housewarming party.
  4. Play the same type of music as you would if the party were being conducted indoors.  

Party Organization

  1. Notify the guests in the invitation that the housewarming will be held outdoors so they may dress appropriately.
  2. Let them know that food will be served so they can plan ahead.
  3. Hold the party in the evening or during the day on a weekend so guests can attend without the party interfering with the workday.
  4. Delegate a friend to monitor the music and keep the snack bowls filled.

Hosting Duties

  1. Give tours of the house to small groups of guests throughout the housewarming party.
  2. Point out the areas of the house of which you are most proud and discuss future plans you have for other areas.
  3. Allow guests to roam on their own throughout the house if they desire.
  4. Encourage everyone to return outside after touring the house. The intention is to keep the house clean and in order during the party.