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National Trivia Day: January 4

I’ve always had a fondness for trivia games. It’s not just because I’ve loved Jeopardy! ever since I figured out how to form an answer as a question; it’s also because trivia games are the only games—aside from cards and dice—that my mother enjoys playing. Every time I was in the hospital, Trivial Pursuit was her game of choice when she came to stay with me.

You could definitely play Trivial Pursuit at your party; there are plenty of variations out there to get your guests interested. But there are plenty of other trivia games, too, such as…

Guest Trivia: Hand each guest five small slips of paper. Instruct them to write down one trivia fact that they know on each piece, without the answer, and pass them back in. Divide into two teams and randomly draw questions for each team to answer. When the person who wrote the question knows that his or her question is being read, he or she raises his or her hand or stands to be excluded from the question as well as to provide the correct answer. If the group is close-knit, make the questions personal—or at least half personal; if it’s a theme party, make the questions go along with the party’s theme.

Random Trivia Questions: Rather than asking guests to provide questions, Google different trivia websites to find quirky questions to answer. You could also ask guests to provide questions in advance, or ask your favorite know-it-all to create a free game for you in exchange for some hot pockets.

Charity Trivia Games: Host a charity trivia party to raise money for your favorite charity. Alternatively, if you don’t want to go through the trouble of hosting but you’d still like to raise some funds for a good cause, see which groups are hosting trivia events in your area and organize a team. You could even have friends and family pitch in a dollar or two for your registration fee, since it’s all for charity. These often include drinks and snacks, too.

Bingo Trivia: Create Bingo cards, each square holding a trivia question and a blank line for the answer. Before your party, make sure that each question on your Bingo cards can be answered by at least one party goer. Tell the guests that they must use only the people in the room as resources to find the answers to the questions on their cards. Not only is this fun—it will also force them to mingle! Be sure to give out prizes for the first few people to finish their cards.