Awkward Moment

A new card game perfect for teens

There's no shortage of funny card games these days but I have to admit that I always love finding a new one. Awkward Moment looks like a game that not only adults can appreciate but also play with their teens. You're faced with embarrassing situations--like talking about someone only to find that they're right behind you, or tripping and falling into a fountain--and then you have to play reaction cards to show how you'd deal with the situation. You could be funny or serious, but you could also learn something in the process. 

Like many card games, this one relies on a "judge" who decides on the best answer to award points. In this case the judge is known as the "Decider." It's very easy to play with quick, ready-to-go cards and very little setup.

Have you played Awkward Moments? If so, what did you think? What games are you playing this week?

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