Bad People

The NSFW Game You Have to Play

This game is at the top of my wish list and for good reason. If you like the game Drunk, Stoned or Stupid, you will love Bad People. It's very much like the game but taken to whole new levels of impropriety. You'll be asked questions like who is most likely to "run a meth lab," or which of your friends is the one who is "most likely to laugh if they saw someone trip"? It gets pretty wild pretty quick.

You have to make your case as to why the person you chose deserves the card, so while some people offer concrete advice ("Corbin is the most inappropriate lush we all know"), you can also make up wild, outlandish stories about the person that you KNOW would be true in some way, shape or form. Either way you're bound to crack up. I'd say it's best to play this one with people you really know! If not, you could always play by arguing for yourself, but it's not as funny.

Have you played Bad People yet? What did you think of it? Tell us your reaction in the chat!


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