Bad People: Brutal Pack

Save this game for hilarious nights with close friends

All I can say is holy cow! For starters, this expansion pack to Bad People is completely NSFW. Having a holiday party? Don't bring this game, especially if you work at a place with small children! The questions are raunchy, riotous and absolutely revolting for anyone but close friends. I wouldn't suggest this game for new people in your life, but you never know! Some people may love it.

My friends and I are going to have a blast with this expansion pack. It has 80 new questions like "Most likely to hook up with a close friend's ex" or "youngest to lose their virginity." If you're like my friends, you'll enjoy the story telling part, which allows you to argue WHY someone deserves the card, even more than the challenges themselves!

Have you played the Bad People expansion pack? What did you think? Share your thoughts in the chat.

photo courtesy of sarajean

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