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Adult games are everything right now. They never fail to make me laugh SO hard, which is desperately needed these days! The trick, of course, is to make sure you only play with people you're comfortable with. While I'm sure it would still be amusing to play with people you don't know well sometimes, in my experience it just makes things a bit awkwad. For big belly laughs, form a group of friends with similar senses of humor so no one gets offended.

This list of 10 party games looks so much fun! I've tried several on the list, like What Do You Meme and Drunk, Stoned or Stupid (which had a different name at Target, although it also came with a sticker to replace the title with the correct name!), and I heartily recommend them. Play them tonight, this weekend, soon--whenever you need to experience the release of deep laughter! Then there are games like Nasty Things and Superfight that I know I absolutely MUST play...

What are your favorite adult party games? Share them in the chat!

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