Best Board Games of 2018

Have you played any of these?

If you really want to try out the cream of the crop when it comes to games, you might want to check out the Smithsonian's list of top games from last year. This top 10 list probably has some games you've never tried before. Have you ever heard of Root, which is supposed to be a cross between Risk and Redwall? How about Space Base, a Settlers of Catan type game that you play in space? Some of you are nodding and muttering, "About time," I know.

Shadows in the Forest is one of the games I'm most excited to try, pretty much because you have to play it in the dark, and Azul, the pattern-matching game, looks so beautiful that I have to try it eventually. Everdell looks like the most intriguing of them all and I'm adding every one of these to our to-try list for the year!

Which of these games have you tried yet? Which do you think sounds the most fun and engaging?

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