Best Board Games For The Holidays

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Many of us love to spend the holidays playing a bunch of games, whether they're old favorites or completely new-to-us games, and my family's already been playing a few fun ones this week, like Tsuro, always a favorite, and Fairy Tile, which is perfect for introducing littles to a hex tile style game (although the descriptions on the princess's cards left us wanting). I'm trying to plan some games that are really fun for the holidays in particular but aside from Christmas BINGO (which we totally have), what should we play?

This Christmas Feud game I found on Etsy sure looks interesting, and we could always try Christmas Charades. We play Christmas Pictionary every year, and we also do a silly game where we try to make the best Santa beard on each other with shaving cream!

Do you know of any Christmas-themed board or card games? Share them with us in the chat!

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