Best Educational Games

Which ones do you like to play?

We usually discuss party games on the blog, whether they're serious or funny, but lots of educational games double as party games, too. Concept, for example, can be really challenging and fun, but it also helps you learn to think critically and dissect information. I'm of the opinion that any game can be educational, but I also think that any experience can also be eductional! If you're learning, doesn't it qualify?

Homeschool Gameschool has a great list of educational games for anyone wanting to have a good time while ensuring that someone learns something. We've tried many in our own homeschool and found them to be entertaining and educational. Prime Climb, for example, is a great math game, and if you're learning about cells, Cytosis is fabulous. I'm not sure if either of those would be great for a party game, but Pandemic sure would.

Which games do you play that you find to be educational? Which ones are also great as party games? Share them in the chat.

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