Best Four-Player Board Games

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Sometimes you just need a good four-player game, whether it's for couples night, family game night or a sibling tournament. Lots of games CAN be used for four players, but some are designed especially for that many, and experts say these are the best ones to play for your quartet's get together.

Pandemic is the best game for a group of four, which is no surprise--as a cooperative game, it's really good for a group this size to work together to stop the spread of the disease. Catan is also great for four people, even though you don't have to specifically have four players. The experts say that Ticket to Ride is a good one for beginners, which makes sense--it's really easy to learn and play once you get the gist of it.

What four player games are your favorites to play? Alternatively, which ones do you think are TERRIBLE for four players, even if they're meant to be used for groups of four? Share your ideas in the chat!

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