Best Party Games For Thanksgiving

Which ones do you suggest?

Thanksgiving is almost here, and it's a great time to start planning which games you want to play with your family this year. Some families play easygoing games like Uno and Yahtzee, and there's nothing wrong with that--especially if you have a family that's known to be a bit tempestuous when it comes to sharing opinions. That said, some families have a great time playing games that include opinions, too, which is where these games come in.

My family just played a really fun game called Red Flag for my birthday, but you can play anything from Apples to Apples to one of the many inappropriate Oatmeal games or Cards Against Humanity incarnations. Fluxx is a good one, too, although it can get confusing! My teen loves to play Werewolf at parties and we may bring that, too.

What games will you be playing, if any, this Thanksgiving? Share your suggestions in the chat!

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