The Blame Game

Because it's always gaming's fault!

Adults like to blame violent video games for the decline of society, but we all know it's much more complex than that. There are a number of factors, from poverty to war, blaming the poor instead of the rich--playing the blame game at all instead of focusing on solutions--and the apathy that seems to grow. It's true that our tech definitely messes with our brains and can cause some damage, especially when the youngest members of our society are exposed to it on a regular basis, but to say that's the end all of it is just naive.

It turns out that people have been blaming games for millenia, making it just as popular as favorites like "kids these days" and "get off my lawn." All kidding aside, older generations have always been annoyed with younger ones, and calling them the worst of society is nothing new. The generational divide is a more accurate component than any generation's behavior, and the opposite could easily be argued, since younger generations don't have the same deep racism, colonialism, homophobia and other ugly sides that older generations have. Nobody's perfect, but blaming younger generations for the decline of the planet (especially when they can't even vote yet) is just absurd, and so is blaming video games when we still have wars every day.

What part, if any, do you think games have in the decline of society? What about their role in art, education and human connection? Share your thoughts in the chat.

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