Board Game Bed Sheets

What a fantastic idea!

A dad recently came up with an amazing idea for kids in the hospital. He designed bed sheets that double as board games so kids can play while they are in bed. It's an ingenius idea that makes it play time anywhere you are, even if it's one of the scariest places in the world to be. Sheets have games like tic tac toe, checkers, word finds and more. His company, Playtime Edventures, comes with over 50 different available games. They also donate a set for every set purchased! 

I think every hospital should have these cool sheets and want to see if my 4-H group wants to try this out as a service project next year. It wouldn't be difficult to raise enough for one set, which is $50, but what a challenge to see if the kids could all try to raise enough for a set each! They would also be great for the crisis nursery we've made blankets for in the past.

What do you think of these cool sheets? Have you ever seen anything like them before? Share any other fun game-related items you've found in the chat!

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