The creative spy game for team play

Last night we tried the game Codenames at my sister's birthday party and it was so much fun I had to share. You play with teams and it heavily relies not only on your own creativity but how well you know your teammate. You can still play with people you don't know, but "inside jokes" and references definitely come in handy with this game.

The object is for your team to find all of its spies without injuring civilians or being assassinated during your mission. You have a bunch of cards, each with one word on them, and your job is to get your partner to guess which words are the code words for your team of spies. You can only use one word at a time, so if the word you want them to guess is "broom," you might want to use the word, "clean." Be careful, though, because if there's another word that could apply your partner could guess wrongly. 

We had a blast randomly guessing cards (which you aren't necessarily supposed to do, but you can do if you get a card right and can keep guessing!) and I think it would be a great addition to any game night.

What are you playing this week?

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