Dirty Neighbors

It's a Game That's Not For You

Seriously. The tagline for the game Dirty Neighbors is This Game is Not For You. We're betting it's some reverse psychology marketing and not the kind of "not for you" that Mr. Koreander meant when he warned Bastian to leave his book alone... or is it? "Your games... are safe."

Dirty Neighbor is a card game for 3-10 people and the object, like many modern card games, is simply to have the funniest answer out of each hand. You compete to get 5 cards to win and you get to write your own answers, too. It's intended for ages 17+ so leave the kids at home (or in the living room with a movie) while you play this one. 

Dubbed a "hysterical game that can be played over and over" by reviewers, Dirty Neighbors ponders questions about your neighbors. For example, a card might read, "Player second to your left retreats to a small hole in the ground at the sight of ____." You play what you think will be the funniest answer and see who wins!

Have you played Dirty Neighbor? What did you think?


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