Favorite Halloween Games

What do you like to play?

At our annual Halloween party, the most popular games this year were Werewolf and Apples to Apples, although some people enjoyed playing on the Wii, too. It made me feel a little nostalgic for the old Halloween games we used to play as kids, like dropping pins in jars or playing pin the face on the jack o'lantern, which was so cool because we would end up with super silly faces.

As an adult, I guess I'm just a little underwhelmed with Halloween games. We have plenty of scary games, but they're not great for groups, and I guess I need to do some research for better games next year. Is there a cool escape game on the Xbox? Maybe there is with a VR set, but we don't have one of those.

What kinds of games do you play for Halloween? Share you best games in the chat.

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