Fitness Games

We kind of need to implement them

If you read any news at all, you've probably felt bummed at some point about how unhealthy we are. Between loneliness and smoking, obesity and sitting, there's something dangerous in our lives all of the time that puts us all at risk. Fortunately there are still activities that not only help us connect with one another but also help us stay fit, such as fitness games

There are lots of games to choose from, like Cranium games that ask you to perform goofy challenges, Minute to Win It or even video games with physical components. Even if you can't go play tennis or bowling due to transportation or weather problems, you can always play on the Wii. You can also play games like Just Dance or Singstar where you can dance around to get your heartrate up. You can even make up your own fitness games to play.

What physical games do you like to play at parties with friends?

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