Flying Kiwis

The only time you'll see kiwi birds fly!

If you like games where you get to launch things into the air, Flying Kiwis might be ust the game for you. Not only do you launch typically flightless birds with members of your family, but you do it in a fast-paced setting. It's such a quick game that it works really well for toddlers who are known for their short attention spans.

If you have an older group or a group of teens, you might want to play Throw Throw Burrito instead. It's made by the same people who designed Exploding Kittens, you get to throw (soft) burritos at people (don't worry, there's no mess) and it's another fast-paced game that only takes minutes to learn.

What's your favorite game where you get to throw things or make them fly? Share your favorites in the chat!

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