Games For Your Brain

Check out these games!

I think every game is good for your brain. Even the toilet humor games people love so much make them laugh, and laughter is wonderful for your brain and body. Some games are especially designed to stimulate your brain, however, and it's really fun to try those games out, use them in your homeschooling or teaching and just keep them around to help your brain stay active.

MENSA rates games designed for this purpose, and the 2019 MENSA winners look like a lot of fun. From Gizmo to Architects, I think my mind would definitely be creatively challenged with some of these games. Homeschool Gameschool has another list of great games to use for learning purposes. From Cytosis to Pandemic, these have specific areas to learn about and work well in a curriculum or even just for playing for fun.

What learning games do you like to use? Which ones are most fun?

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