Geek Battle

The trivia game for geeks

We were checking out at VStock the other day when I saw a copy of Geek Battle: The Game of Extreme Geekdom at the counter and fell immediately in love. Geek Battle is a trivia game with categories featuring all things geek, including video games, science fiction, fantasy, comic books, science and tech. 

It's a team based game, which is why the fact that the questions are wide-ranging and accessible for multiple ages and skill levels is a good thing. This is not elitist trivia knowledge and nobody is going to call you a "fake gamer girl" or whatever. What even is that? If someone plays games, they are a gamer, end of story, shut up. Moving on: Geek Battle is playable immediately so there's nothing complicated to hash out, either. If you like trivia and you're into any of the aforementioned categories, you'll enjoy this game!

What games have you been enjoying this spring? Share your faves in the chat.

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