Good Dog, Bad Zombie

Save your humans from the end of the world

Zombies versus... dogs? Hey, it makes more sense than plants, and this new cooperative game looks like it will be a lot of fun to play. Good Dog, Bad Zombie is currently in Kickstarter mode. It comes from Make Big Things, a gaming cooperative, and it looks like an adorable game with various levels of challenges so you can adjust it for your group. 

The game is very dog-focused, from having names like "Central Bark" and calling people "hoomans," to unique doggy powers. The creators describe it as "Homeward Bound meets The Walking Dead." It's also cooperative, so no one wins unless everyone wins. You can pledge to get a copy or some customized options if you'd like to help fund the game and enjoy it on your own.

What do you think of Good Dog, Bad Zombie? Any other fun Kickstarter games you've seen this week?


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