Great Adult Party Games

Which have you tried?

House Beautiful just put out a list of great adult party games, and while I must admit that many of them aren't as lewd as the ones my friends and I play, they are a fun batch of games that deserve checking out. They list some old standards like cards and Clue (Game of Thrones edition), but they also suggest some newer games like Cranium Dark and The Voting Game. These are milder versions of some of the games I like to play but the goal is the same: to laugh as hard as possible. Everybody loves to win, but adult games give us the chance to really release those endorphins and laugh until we cry.

Have you ever played Evil Apples or Head's Up, for example? They aren't too risque yet are adult enough to keep everyone giggling, especially if you have the right group of people to play it with. Some games should really just be restricted to people you know and love.

Which of these games have you played? Which is your favorite?

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