Halloween Games

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

It's officially October and time to celebrate Halloween every second! No? Whether your festivities are limited to the day itself or, like me, you tend to bleed black and orange (don't forget purple!), it's the perfect time of year to play Halloween games! Are you planning yours yet? If so, here are some fun ideas to consider.

Bobbing for Apples: Always a classic, bobbing for apples has become a bit of a health concern, so many people now tie donuts to a string and "bob" for their own donut.

Roll a Pumpkin: This easy, new game involves rolling a dice to add eyes, a mouth and other features to a pumpkin (real or paper) until the person who finishes first wins. You can really do this with any monster or Halloween symbol. 

Light As A Feather, Stiff As A Board: You remember this game, right? We always prefaced it with a story about how the person lying prone died. I have a pretty embarrassing story surrounding me, the storyteller, giving a girl the death of falling off a mountain in... Kansas. Yeah. Laughs do not add fun to this serious game! If you haven't played it, try it!

Ouija Board: It's not really a game to ask dead people questions, is it? Milton Bradley seems to think so, and we bought a Stranger Things themed board last year for my daughter to try. "You're moving it!" will be the common refrain while you play this one.

What Halloween games do you love playing? Share them in the chat.

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