History Of Video Games

Have you ever wondered about it?

Animated TED Talks (and other animated lessons, really) are some of my favorite ways to learn things, and this Brief History of Video Games (part 1) is very interesting if you're a gamer or have ever enjoyed playing games from any period in time. Not only does Medium Invader (from Space Invaders) narrate the tale, but the video also discusses the various uses of video games throughout history. They aren't just for fun (and games!), but they've been also used for military training and scientific purposes over the years. 

Did you know that the earliest patent for a video game in the United States was in 1948? There are all kinds of great little factoids like that in this cute animation that are bound to be of interest to any gamers in your life. Bonus, they will probably give you ideas about new games to try out, too.

Do you know of any other cool videos about the history of video games, or of certain games you enjoy? Share them in the chat!

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