Holiday Gift Games

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Do you like holiday gift games? I think it's much more fun (and cheap!) to do games like Secret Santa or Pass the Gift (or whatever variation you enjoy playing) than buying for every person in your family. Then you spend more time hanging out, eating, and playing games without the stress of the pricetag for all those gifts!

We're hosting a teen night where the kids buy a $3 gift or make one to exchange. We just play music and when it stops, the gift you have is the one you get. You can trade, of course, and the kids like that part best. A LOT of them bring candy as the gift! I also love the game where you pass around a big ball wrapped up in cloths filled with small gifts like socks and candy. When the music stops, you open that layer and get that gift. We like to scatter lotto tickets, gift cards and other goodies in there when we can.

What's your favorite holiday gift game?

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