Hot Seat

Find out what your friends know about you

Hot Seat is a great game to play with people who know you well. It's a game guessing what YOU would say about yourself! You can still play it with people you don't know but it's more fun if you have a bunch of great inside stories to share.

Each person gets a turn in the Hot Seat. Everyone gets a pad of paper and a pen. The person in the Hot Seat has to write down his or her answer about a card. For example, if the card asks, "What do I have to do before I die?" the person might write, "Travel the world." Other players must write not what they would say but what they think the person in the hot seat might say! 

Then comes the worst part of the game: scoring. Points are a little confusing in Hot Seat, but once you get used to it it's not as difficult.

Have you ever played Hot Seat? What did you think of the game? Share your thoughts in the chat!


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