If You Had To...

Have you played this one?

For those of you who have played games like Would You Rather and enjoyed it, the party game If You Had To is in the same vein but to the next, much more innapropriate and hilarious, level. You have to convince the judge that the scenario that you have is the worst among the cards on the table. In the same way that you have to do with games like What Do You Meme and Cards Against Humanity, you are dealt a hand and have to select the worst scenario from those cards when you play.

Cards read scenarios like "Have Martha Stewart baste you like a turkey" and "Be able to talk to animals but they all hate you." You can look up the game to see even more hilarious scenarios, but you get the idea. As you go around the circle, each player has to make their case, which is where it gets so funny.

Have you played this game yet? What did you think? What other similar games like it have you played?

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