Liven Up an Old Game

Try a few fun ideas

Some of yesterday's games have been updated for a more modern lifestyle with a shorter attention span and less time, which is a bittersweet edit if you think about it. Even so, some of the old games, like Monopoly, just seem a little blah after you play something like Exploding Kittens. So how do you spice these games up a bit for parties?

For starters, you can make anything into a drinking game. When you pass go, take a drink! When you land on Boardwalk, take two. It can be done for just about any game you have as long as you agree on the rules before you get started. You could also make your own cards to transform the game into something obnoxious. Monopoly Fluxx where everyone has to buy a house when they land on a chance card? Sure!

How do you modify your games to be more fun or just goofy? Share your ideas in the chat.

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