Logic Land

A game to help you think logically

As many times as we see those tedious sheets listing logical fallacies being passed around Facebook so strangers on the Internet think they win an argument, you'd think we'd all be experts at logical thinking by now. Just in case that, too, is a logical fallacy (it is), you can also try to learn (and teach) some logic with games like Logic Land. It's a cute game featuring fairy tale imagery that helps children learn how to deduce conclusions with logical thinking and it's also fun to play!

If you're worried about political arguments, don't--this game encourages you to simply deduce the king's whereabouts with logical thinking. The game includes 40 scenarios and magnetic pieces to make it a pleasing game for kinesthetic learners and it helps foster fantastic deduction skills. You're little one will be a Sherlock before you know it. But they'll also probably still argue with strangers on the Internet someday.

Have you played Logic Land or other logical thinking games? Which ones do you like?

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