Maki Staki

A sushi card game

You've played Sushi Go, now it's time to give Maki Staki a try! Maki Staki is a card game for all ages. To play, you collect cards to make your own maki roll (stack of cards). You also play action cards as you go, and you try to avoid wasabi burn and fatal fugu while you play. You can also get past them with... the conveyor belt! If that sounds like a game for sushi lovers, it really is, but it's also fun for everyone else!

The cards are adorable and have cut-out pieces so you can actually see the middle of your "roll" as you build it. Collect tofu, salmon, rice and everything you need for some good sushi. The Fugu looks just as it should, all prickly and icky! It's an easy game to play without much set up and simple rules to follow, just like Sushi Go.

Have you played Maki Staki, or will you be playing the game? How did you like it? Share your tips in the chat! 

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