More Halloween Games

Cosmo promises fun with this list

We recently discussed how just about any game can be made into a Halloween game with the right spin, props and some creativity. Cosmopolitan has released a list of 15 fun Halloween games to try at your next party and some of them look like a lot of fun.

There are some of the old standbys, like a costume contest. Who hasn't been in one of those? There's also the suggestion to sing Halloween karaoke; we'd like to add doing a game of Halloween Just Dance. But what about using eyeball ping pong balls for beer pong? That's a simple switch that only costs a buck to do--many Dollar stores have these balls on sale right now. You can also play Halloween trivia or have an ugly Halloween sweater contest, which is pretty low-key and easy to pull off.

Cosmo also suggests telling fortunes with tarot cards, which would be fun at a party. You could do it yourself or even hire someone who tells fortunes for a living. Which games will you be trying? Have you tried any of these before?

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