Most Likely To...

Try this hilarious game during your next party

Do you know your friends really well? Do you know which one has the most depraved mind, or who might agonize the most over a sent text? If so you have to try this game at your next party. Most Likely To... is a funny card game where you try NOT to win! You try to argue which of your friends deserves the card best and the "judge" chooses who gets the card. There's a new judge each round.

We played this last weekend and while I lost, it was the most fun game to lose and it just meant that my friends either A. know me well or B. like to rip on me most! Either way it's a hilarious game where you can make up stories or share real stories to argue in favor of the card.

Have you ever played this game? Tell us what you thought of it in the chat!


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