Old-Fashioned Halloween Games

What will you be playing this year?

When it comes to anything old-fashioned, I'm often pretty wary. Unless it's an appliance that was built to last, I feel like we've outgrown a lot of outdated ideas and beliefs, don't you? That said, there are some really fun old-fashioned games that you can try this Halloween to go with your party theme that might be really fun for guests, especially if they've never played them before!

One of my favorites is one we used to play as kids. You hold a clothespin to your nose, stand directly over a milk bottle or jar and try to drop it in without stooping or moving. It is so silly but also fun! While bobbing for apples has been replaced with donuts on a string for a more sanitary practice, it can still be a part of your fun, too, if you don't mind the germs. 

Do you know of any fun old-fashioned games people might enjoy in the modern world? Share them in the chat!

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