Shadows in the Dark

A board game to play in the dark

Glow in the dark dice, magical creatures, a glowing lantern... what is there to not love about Shadows in the Dark? This is the game that I hope to get for the holidays! I LOVE activities in the dark; my family and I made our own tin can lanterns to take full moon walks together each month. There's something so hygge about a glowing light in the dark, and something symbolic, too... and now there's this cool game!

Shadows in the Dark is supposed to be like a game of flashlight tag between the Seeker and the "shadowlings," and it's a game you can play right away without any complicated instructions which, let's be honest, is refreshing sometimes. I love a good game of Fluxx but once in a while you just want to start playing without having to think!

This looks like a game for younger players but I do think my teen, husband and I will have some fun trying it out. Maybe the game cafe will carry it and we can try before we buy, which is always a plus. Have you played this cozy game yet? What did you think of it?

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