Summer Board Games

What's on your list?

Summer is rapidly approaching, and for many people it means more time with kids--whether you're babysitting, kids are out of school for the summer or even just visiting. It's a great time to try out a bunch of new board games, and one of my favorite resources to review games, Homeschool Gameschool, has a list of games you may want to try.

You've probably already played a few of these; Apples to Apples and D&D are two of my teen's favorites. That said, the Disney meme game is one I might have to get for the kids to play when they have teen night, as my husband and I loved What Do You Meme. We also gave Bears vs. Babies a try the other day and it was a bit complicated at first, but it's also a funny game that works for nearly all ages.

What summer games do you have on your bucket list? Do you have a games bucket list? If so share it in the chat!

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