Things They Don't Teach You In School

A new trivia game

As a big fan of trivia games, I am super excited to try the new trivia game, Things They Don't Teach You in School. I think one of my favorite pasttimes is learning these things to begin with so it will be interesting to find out more things I don't know! 

The questions are supposed to be super funny and unexpected, completely the opposite of the kinds of trivia questions we usually get, so I'm eager to get a look at them. Some of the reviews are a little iffy, so I'm hoping it will still be fun. A lot of times the reviewers have an issue and take it out with the manufacturer when it's really something else entirely--one, for example, just questioned the validity of the answers, and I have to say sources might be a nice addition.

What trivia games have you been playing lately? Share them in the chat!

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