Trash Pandas

Yes, it's a real game

Okay, I have to explain why this game is so exciting to me because it doesn't sound like THAT impressive of a game (although it does look fun). Trash Panda, for anyone who hasn't seen Guardians of the Galaxy 2, is what Quill calls Rocket Raccoon in one of the film's many hilarious moments, but it's also what we call our cats! One is super fluffy and looks like a red panda from far away and the other actually loves to roll around in trash cans if you don't cover them up, so they are our trash pandas.

On to the game! So Trash Pandas is a card game in which you need to collect the most garbabe to win. I kid you not; you have to collect banana peels, slices of pizza with paper clips stuck to them, the works. You can lose turns and have other things happen while you try to collect garbage but essentially it's a really easy game that you can play right away, perfect for family game night.

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