Travel Games for Grown-Ups

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Travel games are usually thought to be diversions to keep kids from complaining during road trips, but grown-ups certainly need them, too. When we're in the car for lengthy periods of time, we play a bunch of made-up games without equipment required. We'll play a musician game, where you have to name a musician based on the last letter of the last person's musician (Steven Tyler is followed by Travis Tritt, for example). We'll also do a movie quotes game where one person chooses a quote and the other has to guess the film it's from.

Now there's a book filled with adult road trip games. Adult on Board: Travel Games for Grown-Ups is filled with 50 games to play while you're traveling with no equipment required. It's definitely my kind of book and I can't wait to check it out!

What kinds of traveling games do you play during long trips? Share your ideas in the chat.

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