The Woman Cards

Feminist playing cards!

Game players, have I stumbled onto something fabulous! The Woman Cards is a deck of cards featuring all feminist icons rather than a standard deck of cards. You use them like a standard deck, but they feature beautiful artwork featuring the faces of Mary Shelley, Malala Yousafzai, Emma Gonzalez and so many more that I can't even. This is THE set of cards that needs to be in everyone's home in 2020. 

The cards are made in Texas after being drawn in Iowa, and they cost $24.99, with discounts available, including free shipping. If you have a last minute person to get a gift for, these would be perfect. They are absolutely lovely in detail and absolutely needed in every household. I haven't purchased one yet but I plan to, and I love the idea of making all of these women household names along with the many men whose names are learned in history classes across the country every day.

What other decks have you purchased recently? Share your favorites below.

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