Yeah/Nope: The Fun Way to Test Your Friend Knowledge

Does anybody really ever know anybody?

How well we know ourselves is fodder for intense debate but how well we know our friends is fuel for one fun and funny party. For your next game night, you might want to give Yeah/Nope a try. It's a conversational game where you not only see how much you know about the people in your life but also learn more about them as you guess about whether or not your friends have ever told off a boss, given a cheesy pick-up line, been involved with a flash mob and many other experiences.

Have you ever... been attracted to a cartoon character? Voted for somone based only on their name? This game will put you on the spot to give answers to these questions. Many situations, such as those "while drunk," are for players age 21+ so keep that in mind when you set up play. If you have younger players, you could definitely still play as long as you take out some of the tiles that aren't appropriate before beginning.

There are lots of online videos and reviews to help you learn to play Yeah/Nope if you want to check it out before buying. It's available at Target and other retailers.

Have you ever played Yeah/Nope? What did you think?


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