You Must Be An Idiot

No, that's really what it's called!

Both the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the San Francisco Chronicle have rated You Must Be An Idiot as a top 10 best game, so it's got to be worth checking out! In the game, you don't know who is an idiot and who isn't; at the beginning of each round you'll get a card telling you whether or not that is your status and during the game people have to guess which one you are. You'll get trivia questions to answer, but if you're an "idiot" you HAVE to anwer with a wrong answer! 

It's a fantastic twist on a traditional trivia game, which many of us love but can get bored with by just answering questions. If you guess wrong, you get points taken away, and if you're an idiot without someone guessing you get extra points. The trick is to figure out who is really an idiot while you play!

Have you played You Must Be An Idiot? What did you think of the game? Tell us in the chat!

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