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Now that summer is here, maybe you're babysitting, subbing at summer school, or you have your own kids at home. No matter how young people are showing up in your life, playing games with them is usually a good idea. It's fun, it's both a learning and bonding experience and it helps to pass the time if it's too hot or rainy (and where I live, it's often one of those two things lately!). This post lists a bunch of great games to get you started with, but I'm interested in learning what games you already like to play with the young people in your life.

My family and I like to play Wildcraft, a game about herb identification, as well as Exploding Kittens and Spyfall. We love classics like Sorry and Monopoly, which go great with snacks and music since they don't require complicated rules to follow, but we also really enjoy learning new games. If they're complicated, we are known to look up how to play them on YouTube rather than read through lengthy rule books! 

How about you? What games do you love to play with young people? Share them in the chat!

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